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Grandpa's Treasure Box

                           for ages 3 to 12

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ABOUT     Grandpa's Treasure Box



"Bobo and Tashi are twin sisters who live with their parents in San Francisco.  When their grandparents come for visits, they tell stories of their travels around the world and bring the twins lovely presents.
This time, grandpa brings the twins a very special present — a beautiful treasure box from China. When Bobo and Tashi go to sleep one night they are awakened by a noise coming from inside the box. They open the box and discover an enchanted land protected by a benevolent dragon, who asks the twins to help him save his village and a young boy Tong-Tong from an evil lord. With the aid of the dragon and their animal friends, a bear and a bunny, Bobo and Tashi set out on the adventure of a lifetime... "
A dynamite book for children of all ages, Grandpa’s Treasure Box is a story about friendship, loyalty and compassion. The story promotes multicultural learning through delightful Asian-American characters; and introduces readers to Chinese and Tibetan symbolism and mythology.
Author and Book Illustrator
Pauline Tsui was inspired by storytelling, love of brush painting, and the richness of her family heritage. She created a story adventure with lively characters Bobo, Tashi, Tong-tong - aka the Precious Pollabies® - and their animal companions, to promote multicultural understanding and nurture creativity.
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