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Princess  dolls

Princess Sun-yong and

Princess Ming  #007 , #008

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Bobo & Tashi  Special Set


Bobo and Tashi  #010 + #020

Set of Two  ~

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ABOUT     Precious Pollabies Dolls



The Brand:
Precious Pollabies® are Asian and American dolls based on the characters of children’s storybooks written by author-artist Pauline Tsui. Enjoy story time in reading Grandpa’s Treasure Box – the Adventures of Bobo & Tashi. Have fun role playing with the characters Bobo, Tashi, Happy Dragon, etc. on their mission in search of ancient treasures.
Grandfather’s Treasure Box – the Adventures of Bobo & Tashi  is an adventure book about a group of children and animals with protective powers who valued Friendship, Love, and Courage. Asian-American twin sisters Bobo and Tashi opened the doors of a treasure box to discover a magical land of wondrous people and animals. The story promotes multi-cultural learning through lively characters and a superb denotation of Chinese and Tibetan mythology. Readership is recommended for ages 3 to 12.
The Company:
Paulinpo Design was established in 2006 to bring accessories and lifestyle products from around the world to customers who have a special taste and sensitivity for high quality and unique products.  In January  2006 we launch our own brand: Precious Pollabies®  with the first set of collectible dolls, Bobo and Tashi. Soon after, we published our first children’s storybook Grandpa’s Treasure Box – the Adventures of Bobo & Tashi. We position ourselves in museum stores, bookstores, specialty gift shops, and use our online media to reach customers who have a taste for our unique products.


To Learn More:
Connect with us through social media, go to To see related Art & Culture events, visit our bloc at​



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